Recent Baylor Football News

Byalor Bears is the football team representing Baylor University. In 2012 they announces the opening od the new on campus Stadium called the McLane Stadium. They have played over 100 hundred times at the university of Texas as both schools were founders of the Southwest Conference. They wear a green uniform with BU letters and a golden helmet.

In 2016 five former members of the team were honored as Football legends, each of them was introduced on the field while a video was played in their respective state. The football legends of 2016 were Steve Grumbine from Northwestern State, John Westbrook from SMU, Jason Smith from Oklahoma State, Jordan Lake from TCU and Joe Pawlek from Kansas State.

This shows that some Baylor football news with bad reputation can easily be forgotten. As the 2013 accusation of a former Baylor player for sexual assault that ended with Armstred arrested. This serious felony was performed was he was still a formal player of BU.

 According to the alleged indictment, he forced a woman to perform sex acts in 2013 and the university was indifferent. When Arrested in Las Vegas, he resisted and damaged a police vehicle. The University has never spoken about the arrest and accusation mad and neither did Arsmtred.

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